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Expert Panel Discussion of Pathways to Field Testing Clinical Guidelines: Case Study on Ventilator Weaning

1Parsons K, 2Beattie M, 3Vines C, 1McKenna S, 4Davis M
1Paradigm Outcomes Medical Director, Englewood, CO, USA; 2University of California - San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, USA; 3Paralyzed Veterans of America, Washington DC, Washington, USA; 4TIRR Memorial Hermann, Houston, Texas, USA

The purpose of this symposium is to provide a forum for creators of clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) from the Paralyzed Veterans of America; licensing agencies including the Joint Commission for Hospital Accreditation and CARF; non-governmental organization's such as the Craig H. Nielsen Foundation and the Rick Hansen Institute; as well as SCI professionals to discuss the role of CPGs in SCI care. An index case on the topic of Ventilator Weaning will be presented to provide a concrete structure for discussion. The case will provide a frame of reference for the panel discussion around the respiratory management of high cervical SCI. The speakers will provide historical context for efforts to align stakeholders; as well as, discussion of implications of current endeavors which directly and indirectly guide the medical management of spinal cord injury. The panel participants will be moderated in their discussion by Dr. Ken Parsons.

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Draft Agenda:
00:00-00:15 (Parsons): Introduction
00:15-00:30 (McKenna): Practice Based Medicine: Case Presentation
00:30-00:45 (Vines): A discussion of the past, present and future of the SCI Clinical Practice Guidelines
00:45-00:60 (Beattie): Building a prospective acute care data set for evidence-based guidelines development (TRACK-SCI).
01:00-01:15: (Davis ) CAUTI: Experience with other clinical practice guidelines, with implications for public policy.
01:15-01:30 Discussion


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