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Ventilator Weaning Multi-institution Best Practice Symposium

1McKenna S, 2Crew J, 3Davis M
1Santa Clara Valley Medical Center; Stanford University, San Jose, CA, United states; 2Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, San Jose, CA, USA; 3TIRR Memorial Hermann, Houston, Texas, USA

This course will focus on advancing ventilator weaning skills among SCI care providers through an in depth author perspective on the strengths, weaknesses, and unpublished implications of recent literature in the field. Course content will include case studies to illustrate similarities and differences in management strategies utilized at TIRR Memorial Hermann and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center which result in high success rates for ventilator liberation. Lessons learned during the process of providing educational seminars at Trauma Centers; as well as, in-hospital consultation in the acute trauma ICU setting will be shared to improve the ability of providers to communicate spinal cord injury Clinical Practice Guidelines across care settings.

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Draft Agenda:
0:00-00:10 Introduction with Case Study: Dr. Crew
0:10-00:20 Update on Recent Literature: Dr. McKenna
0:30-00:40 Practice of Ventilator Weaning: Dr. Davis
0:40-00:50 ICU Consultation: Risks and Benefits: Dr. Crew
0:50-01:00 Discussion and Questions


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