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Development of an Educational Pamphlet about the ISNCSCI Examination for Young Patients

Scharff K, Johnson D
Shriners Hospitals for Children - Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Title: Development of an Educational Pamphlet about the ISNCSCI Examination for Young Patients

Introduction: This poster describes the development of an educational pamphlet for young patients that explains the International Standards for the Neurological Classification of Spinal Cord Injury (ISNCSCI) examination in a non-technical and easy-to-read format.

Methods: While treating children at a pediatric spinal cord injury specialty center, where ISNCSCI examinations are routine for children with acute and chronic spinal cord injury (SCI), the need was identified for a pamphlet that could be provided to the child and/or family to help explain the examination in advance. The pamphlet was designed to be easily understood by both children and parents with an approximate 8th grade reading level. The pamphlet was developed by two physical therapists and a physiatrist at this institution.

Documents as available on the ASIA website were referenced to ensure that the content of the pamphlet was accurate; however, technical language was omitted wherever possible, and the purpose and procedure of the examination were described in lay terms. Description of the scoring of the examination and the classification of the SCI was limited to basic terminology with the intent that, following administration of the exam, each child’s specific results would be further discussed with the caregivers and child (as appropriate) by the physician.

The parents of two children with chronic SCI, as well as the staff psychologist, an occupational therapist, and a Child Life Specialist at this same institution, as well as two physician specialists from the ASIA board, were consulted during the development of this pamphlet to help guide the process, prevent omission of important information, and ensure its readability.

Results and Discussion: Following development of the pamphlet, it was formatted into an easy-to-read and “child-friendly” tri-fold format with colorful pictures and graphics for distribution to patients and their families. Future work includes publishing this pamphlet via the ASIA website.


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