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Training on the Administration, Scoring and Interpretation of the Spinal Cord Injury-Functional Index and the Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury Activity Measure

1Mulcahey M, 2Slavin M, 1Thielen C
1Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA, United states; 2Boston University, Boston, MA, USA

Type of Workshop: Symposium\Instructional

The Spinal Cord Injury Functional Index (SCI-FI) and Pediatric Spinal Cord Injury Activity Measure (PEDI-SCI AM) are state-of-the-art measures that have great potential to advance spinal cord injury outcome measurement. Based on Item Response Theory (IRT), they are comprised of comprehensive, unidimensional, calibrated item banks. The calibrated item banks cover a wide range of ability in a specific domain (e.g., mobility). Item banks are administered using a Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) approach. CATs employ a computer algorithm to select items from the calibrated item banks that match an individual’s ability level. Since the items administered by the CAT are derived from the same item bank, domain scores from two individuals can be compared even though different items were administered. The SCI-FI is a patient-reported measure comprised of item banks that assess Basic Mobility, Self-Care, Fine-Motor Function, Ambulation and Wheelchair Function (Manual and Power). The PEDI-SCI AM includes separate item banks for child and parent respondents. The PEDI-SCI AM assesses 5 activity domains of General Mobility, Daily Activity, Wheeled Mobility (Manual), Wheeled Mobility (Power) and Ambulation. The PEDI-SCI and SCI-FI are available to clinicians and researchers as CATs and short forms (SF). The workshop is designed to ensure that participants can reliably administer, score and interpret the SCI-FI and PEDI-SCI AM CATs. An overview of the functionality of the CATs will be provided. Using clinical vignettes, participants will interpret CAT scores and utilize score reports to develop treatment goals. Participants will be given a flash drive that contains SCI-FI and PEDI-SCI AM users’ manuals and other training material, and links to the measures.
Funding Source: The Craig H. Neilsen Foundation QOL Sustainable Impact Projects

Draft Agenda:
0:00-0:10 Overview and Advantages of using CAT assessments to assess functional outcomes in SCI
0:10-0:15 Discussion
0:15-0:25 PEDI-SCI CATs conceptual framework and domains
0:25-0:35 SCI-FI CATs Conceptual framework and domains
0:35-0:45 Discussion
0:45-1:15 Administration, Scoring and Interpretation of CATS using clinical vignettes.
1:15-1:30 Orientation to material provided on flash drives


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