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Parenting an adolescent with SCI: A case study on responsive parenting

Taylor H
TIRR Memorial Hermann, Houston, TX, US

Parenting an adolescent can be challenging for parents. Parenting can be more complicated when a child has a spinal cord injury occurring during adolescence. Responsive parenting has been identified as beneficial for children's learning with reports indicating that children with disabilities who have more responsive parents are able to make greater gains in motor learning. However, little is known about responsive parenting and adolescents with SCI. This case study discusses the parent/adolescent relationship during the course of intensive locomotor training for a 14 year-old adolescent male with tetraplegia. Male and female caregiver process, coping, and parenting strategies will be discussed. The impact of motor functioning gains and set-backs on parenting will also be discussed as well as the adolescent perspective.


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