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Opposing views – Re-use of catheters: Yea or Nay

1Krassioukov A, 2Kennelly M, 1Walter M
1International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries (ICORD), Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada; 2Department of Urology, Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte, NC, USA

During the last few years, the international community engaged in strong debates on issues related to UTI and re-use of catheters during the management of neurogenic lower urinary tract dysfunction among individuals with SCI.
In this respect, the 2014 Cochrane review "Intermittent catheterisation for long-term bladder management (Review)" by Prieto et al became one of the leading documents that captured mind and attention of clinicians around the world. Although numerous countries completely switched to single use catheters as guidelines for management of individuals with SCI, the opinion that was expressed in the above-mentioned review has the potential to make a significant negative impact on the future management of individuals with SCI.
During this course, participants will not receive an explanation regarding the latter, but also state-of-the-art evidence concerning our three key objectives.
Furthermore, participants will be able to discuss clinical cases and make decisions regarding the most appropriate tools/evaluation tests with respect to autonomic assessment required to conclude whether or not a UTI is present and if antimicrobial therapy is necessary.

The following topics will be discussed during the course (total 60 min.):
- Intermittent catheterization (IC) in individuals with SCI: Pros (5 min.)
- IC in individuals with SCI: Cons (5 min.)
- Appropriate definition on urinary tract infection and why is this important? (5 min.)
- Single vs. multiple use of catheters for IC in individuals with SCI: Pros & Cons (10 min.)
- Demonstration of three cases: What would you do - diagnosis and management of UTI (15 min.)
- Critic on the 2014 Cochrane review: An eye opener to what everyone needs to know! (10 min.)
- Revealing the answers to the three cases applying the newly gained knowledge (5 min.)
- Audience Discussion (5 min.)

Up-to-date knowledge transfer to everyone who is involved with taking care of individuals with SCI. This will improve management of individuals with SCI in clinical practice and future research as well as in daily life.


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