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State Legislation to Fund Post-Acute Rehabilitation – A Utah Experience

1Hull D, 2Lloyd D, 1Black J
1Neuroworx, Sandy, UT, USA; 2WCF Insurance, Sandy, UT, USA

The course will describe 2012 legislation in Utah that created funding, as a payor-of-last-resort, to provide post-acute rehabilitation for individuals experiencing an SCI or TBI who have the potential to make progress but do not have adequate resources to access physical, occupational, or speech therapy. It will also describe how the success of the original program made possible passage of additional legislation in 2017 providing more funding. The speakers will discuss the process to bring about this type of initiative including how to get started, engaging lawmakers as sponsors, writing and editing a bill, formulating criteria to include/exclude contractors, identifying a funding source, lobbying, testifying and presenting in committees, and preparing fact sheets for legislators. Emphasis will be given to the importance of understanding the legislative process and how lawmakers think about potential legislation. The instruction will also focus on the importance of planning how the program will be administered once legislation is passed including working with the state health department to create an oversight committee, fund disbursement oversight, outcome data collection, and pursuing additional funding sources. The goal of the course is to expose participants to a successful real-life advocacy effort on a state level that provides funding for an under-resourced population and to equip participants with knowledge and insight that will assist other legislative efforts.


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