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Clinical Trials 360°, sponsored by Spinal Cord Outcomes Partnership Endeavor (SCOPE)

Jones L
Craig H. Neilsen Foundation, Encino, California, United states

Overall Course Objective: Provide an update on current and upcoming clinical trials.

The clinical trials landscape is constantly evolving as trials of novel devices, drugs and cell based interventions are initiated and progress to more advanced trial stages. In this symposium updates on the latest clinical trials and clinical research spanning biologics, drugs and devices will be provided. Meeting content will consist of an introduction and overview of the evolution of the clinical trial landscape. Six clinical trials from the list below will be presented by a trial representative. The presented trials will be identified based on lack of coverage elsewhere in the ASIA program. Presenters will have eight minutes to present with two minutes for discussion. The final segment will be a moderated panel discussion and Q&A session.

This symposium is intended to appeal to a wide audience of basic science researchers, clinical researchers and SCI clinicians.

1. Introduction and trends in clinical trials (Linda Jones or Dan Lammertse) 10 mins.
2. Six trials will be identified to provide a clinical trial updates (trials and speakers TBD based on coverage elsewhere in the program) – 60 mins. (10 mins. each)

Possible topics to be discussed (depending on coverage elsewhere in the program and speaker availability)
- Transcutaneous spinal cord stimulation to improve upper extremity function: Reggie Edgerton, University of California, Los Angeles or Chet Moritz, University of Washington
- Nogo (regeneration inhibitor) protein targets: Norbert Weidener, European antiNOGO antibody trial or Stephen Strittmatter/George Maynard, ReNetX Bio - Nogo receptor decoy
- Acute intermittent hypoxia and task specific training: Zev Rymer, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab (formerly Rehab Institute of Chicago) or Emily Fox, University of Florida, or Randy Trumbower, Spaulding Rehabilitation
- Noninvasive brain stimulation: Edelle Field-Fote, Shepherd Center or Monica Perez, University of Miami
- Hypothermia for neuroprotection: Alan Levi or Jim Guest, University of Miami
- Spinal cord perfusion pressure and neurological outcomes : Chris West for Brian Kwon, University of British Columbia
- Repulsive guidance molecule inhibitor to promote axon regeneration (AbbVie ABT-555 monoclonal anti-RGMa): Adam Ziemann, AbbVie
- Oligodendrocyte progenitor cells (derived from human embryonic stem cells- AST-OPC1): Ed Wirth, Asterias Biotherapeutics
- Recombinant Rho Protein agonist to promote regeneration (SPRING Study): Marco Rizzo, Vertex
- Implantable scaffolds: Richard Toselli, for InVivo Therapeutics

3. Questions and moderated panel discussion – 20 mins.

Sponsored by the Spinal Cord Outcomes Partnership Endeavor (SCOPE)

Remaining faculty will be confirmed from the companies/institutions listed above once the course is accepted and once it is clear which trials may be presented elsewhere in the ASIA program.

Funding Source: Necessary funding will be provided by the Spinal Cord Injury Outcomes Endeavor (SCOPE).


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